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About Us

Our family started out in the busy city of Dallas, TX. We worked in the city during the week and spent weekends taking the kids and dogs to our rural property in the woods. We camped, cut and split firewood, and cleared brush so that one day, we could build the farm of our dreams.

When the acreage was finally cleared and the house built, we loaded up the truck (and van) and left Big D forever. When Sarah, our oldest daughter wanted to raise and show a Brahman heifer for her school's FFA program, we found Dakota (reg. name Ms. Dakota Manso). Since Dakota was our first (and only at that time) livestock animal, one of the Ag teachers suggested that we get a couple of pals for her, so she wouldn't be alone. So, our first goats Quint, Zuzu, and Bucky, were brought to the farm. And the rest is history.

We gradually added more goats (Boer-cross at first), some guardian dogs, and some chickens to our little operation. We then eventually added registered Nubian dairy goats for their incredibly sweet milk that we also use to make delicious cheese, yogurt, etc. It's an ongoing process that we are enjoying each and every day.

Fresh veggies from the garden (in season), farm fresh eggs (from our cage-free chickens) and our other animals continually bring us countless blessings and make our days on the farm complete. We have learned a lot since we left the city and each day is an opportunity for more knowledge and joy. 

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